[I am posting this advertisement in my capacity as chair of the Steering Committee for the UCLA Endowed Olga Radko Math Circle – T.]

The Department of Mathematics at the University of California at Los Angeles is inviting applications to be an academic administrator who will serve as the director of the UCLA Foundation’s Olga Radko Math Circle (ORMC). The academic administrator has broad responsibility for the administration of the ORMC, a contact program with weekly activities for math students in grades K-12. Over 300 children currently take part in the program every weekend. Classes are delivered by a team of over 50 faculty, most of whom are UCLA undergraduate and graduate students.

The academic administrator is required to teach three math courses in the undergraduate curriculum per academic year, assigned by the department. This is also intended to aid in recruiting UCLA students as lecturers and instructors for the ORMC.

As the director of the ORMC, the academic administrator has primary responsibility for all aspects of ORMC operations:

  • Determine the structure of ORMC, including the number and levels of groups
  • Recruitment, training and supervision of trainers, faculty and postdocs related to the ORMC
  • Developing teaching materials and guiding in developing innovative methods of explaining math ideas to school children
  • Working with the tax office of the math department to ensure that the scholarships and wages are paid to the ORMC instructors and lecturers in a timely manner
  • Maintaining the ORMC budget and projections, ensuring that funds are used appropriately and efficiently for ORMC activities, and applying for grants to fund ORMC operations
  • Working with the Steering Committee and UCLA Development to raise funds for ORMC, both from families whose children participate in ORMC and from other sources
  • Accepting students into the ORMC, ensuring appropriate placement and promoting a collegial and inclusive atmosphere that makes learning easier for all ORMC participants
  • Reporting to and working with the ORMC Steering Committee throughout the year

A competitive candidate should have leadership potential and experience developing math teaching materials for gifted school children, as well as teaching math courses for students. Candidates must have a PhD. Degree (or equivalent) or expect to complete their Ph.D. until June 30, 2021.

Applications should be received by March 15, 2021. Further details on the position and the application process can be found on the application page.


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