Print out your 5th grade math test before you begin. Try to answer all of the questions.

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Solve the following problems


In the following equation, what is the value of?

(2 + 4) × 5 =? + 20


Darline has a special wallet that can hold 20 lipsticks. How many purses does Darline need when she has 420 lipsticks?

A. 20th BB 22nd C. 23 DD 21

3. Represent the following situation with an integer. Then order it

A loss of $ 12 ___________

5 feet above sea level ___________

a charge of $ 20 ____________

A win of $ 50 ____________

_________, ___________, ____________, ______________


Get a CD. Put your finger on the edge. Swipe your finger around the edge until your finger reaches where you had it before moving it.

Your finger measured the _______________ of the CD

A. Area BB scope C. volume DD surface


Debbie studies 5 hours, John 6 hours and Ashley 10 hours. How many hours do the 3 students study on average?

A. 7th BB 8th C. 8th DD 5


-5 + 8 = _______

5 + -8 = _______

-5 + -8 = ______

5 + 8 = ______


Compare the following two decimal places. Use either <,> or =

564.1540791 564.1540789


Find the perimeter and area of ​​the rectangle below:

Rectangle with a length of 7 and a width of 5

Scope = _____________ units

Area = __________________ square units


Get a quarter and toss it.

The different results are __________________________

Write the probability of getting heads as a fraction ____________

Write the probability of getting heads as a percentage ____________

Write the probability of getting heads as a decimal ____________


Add 2/3 and 5/6 _____________


Write the answer for number 10 as a mixed number _________________

Write the answer for number 10 in lowest terms _________________


Divide 7845 by 15 ________________


An ice cream parlor offers vanilla, rum, raisins, chocolate and peanut butter as flavors. They have sugar cones, cake cones and chocolate coating

Make a tree in the box below that shows the different ice cream and cone combinations you can order.

How many orders can you place?

A. 7th BB 4th C. 12 DD 3


To find the number on the right you have to

A. Multiply the number on the left by 5, then add 1

BB Multiply the number on the left by 5, then subtract 1

C. Multiply the number on the left by 4, then add 3

DD Multiply the number on the left by 3, then add 10


Which of these units is the best for measuring the length of a book?

A. millimeter BB centimeter C. kilometre DD meter


Replace the question mark with the missing number

64837 -? = 63936

54 +? = 25 + 36


Two sides of an isosceles triangle measure 6 and 10. The circumference of the triangle could be

A. 26 or 21 BB 12 or 20 C. 22 or 23 DD 26 or 22


What information could you find in the following situation?

Noemy bought a box of apples for $ 4.20. She now has $ 2.35 in her purse.

A. Noemy’s allowance every month BB How much are the apples? C. How much money did Noemy have before buying the apples? DD How many apples are in the box?


Examine the graphic below, then choose the correct answer

Computer costs over time

A. Computers will cost $ 50 in 2020 BB The cost of computing has dropped by more than $ 2,000 C. Compared to 1970, computers cost half as much in 2010 DD In 2030, the price of computers could go away. Large!


They want to share $ 1000 between you and 5 friends.

Can you divide the money equally?

What is the maximum amount that can be divided equally?

If they share the rest as well, write what each person gets as a fraction.

Things To Look For In This 5th Grade Math Test

Note:: A score of 16 or more on this 5th grade math test is a good indication that most of the skills taught in 5th grade have been mastered

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