Music is a great way to immerse yourself in a language – and with Spanish songs, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

If you’re looking for a fun new way to learn Spanish, music is the place for you.

Listening to catchy Spanish songs (the latest stuff of course – not just tracks like La Bamba!) Is a great way to improve your Spanish – and have a sassy dance in your room while you’re at it.

Will learning Spanish songs help me improve my skills?

Yes, they absolutely will! Music can be a very powerful tool.

Focus on the songs you like, read the lyrics while you sing along, and most of all, have fun!

And before you know it, you’ll find that you’re singing in Spanish (most likely with a much improved Spanish accent too!).

Check out our YouTube playlist and the backstory of eight great songs that will have you singing in Spanish and dancing like a pro in no time.

1. A Dios le Pido – Juanes

  • About the artist: Juanes is a Colombian singer-songwriter with quite a lot of stage presence – especially when he blows out his ballads.
  • About the song: Ah, A Dios le Pido – – Juanes’ legendary Latin rock hit. It’s about praying to God to protect his friends and family. Fun fact: this moving number got so big that it is now also a hymn for peace across Latin America.
  • How it will help your language learning: Juanes’ hit single is full of subjunctive verbs, triggered by the form “a Dios le pido que …” – ideal for those who want to practice using the Spanish subjunctive to make inquiries or express wishes.

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2. Vivir mi vida – Marc Anthony

  • About the artist: First off, he’s one of the best-selling tropical salsa artists. With a whopping 26 Billboard Music Chart hits. Well done Marc!
  • About the song: In his own words Vivir mi vida is a contagious Spanish song“So positive and [that pays] such a tribute to life ”. So much so that even the shyest of you are instantly drawn from your chair and onto the dance floor!
  • How it will help your language learning: If you are a beginner, there is no better song for you. Marc sings graciously clearly and slowly; Plus, the same lyrics are repeated throughout the song so you can sing along with them without any problems.

3. La bicicleta – Shakira and Carlos Vives

  • About the artists: How these two Colombian superstars need an introduction!
  • About the song:La bicicleta is a fast paced and (joyfully!) furious duet filled with Colombian flair: think of everything from vallenato to pop, reggaeton and cumbia. For both artists, the song has a nostalgic twist to it, with flashbacks to them growing up in their Colombian hometowns.
  • How it will help your language learning: Take the kids down with the amount of slang expressions woven into the texts. This is the stuff that really tests your Spanish language.

4. Billion – Bad Bunny (feat. Drake)

  • About the artists: The Puerto Rican Bad Bunny takes center stage with Canadian rapper Drake.
  • How it will help your language learning: Don’t let the speed put you off – – The language in this number is not as complicated as you might think!It might just take a couple of times.

5. Malaments – Rosalía

  • About the artist::Take care of this dark horse – it is hera rising Spanish star.
  • About the song:Malaments is a flamenco-hip-hop hybrid (yup, you heard us right!) with a really important message about gender-based violence.
  • How it will help your language learning: This is definitely one for advanced Spanish learners as the elongated vowels in flamenco music are not that easy to decipher. But it’s worth working your way up.

6. La gozadera – Gente de Zona (feat. Marc Anthony)

  • About the artist: A fiery Cuban reggaeton duo that you absolutely must try out if you haven’t heard about them before.
  • About the song: It’s all in the name for this one. “La Gozadera” is a term used in Cuba to describe a busy party with lots of drinking and dancing. So of course La gozadera is a track where reggaeton meets salsa and celebrates Latino culture in all its glory.
  • How it will help your language learning: If you are just starting out to learn Spanish this is a great choice. The lyrics are super easy to follow and if you listen carefully enough you will also learn the Spanish names of a handful of Latin American countries. Bonus!

7. La Tortura – Shakira (feat. Alejandro Sanz)

  • About the artists: We know, we know. We mentioned Shakira before, but we couldn’t resist calling her again. In addition, the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz is definitely worth a look.
  • About the song: These two came together to create La Tortura – a Latin American pop song about the relationship between two former lovers. Spoiler alert: he’s cheating on you, but he wants you to get back together. Don’t do it Shakira!
  • How it will help your language learning: While not easy for beginners, this song is a clearest and clearest introduction to the Colombian accent that you will find.

And for those of you grappling with the differences between the subjunctive and indicative, there is no better place to see them in action.

8. Latino America – Calle 13

  • About the band: Calle 13 is one of the most political bands in Latin America.
  • About the song: Latinoamerica is a hip-hop / rap manifesto against poverty and for the promotion of Latin American identity, paying homage to iconic elements of Latin American culture. Now this ‘Spanish’ song is actually a mixture of different languages, with the introduction of Quechua, a language family from the Andes, and another small fragment sung in Portuguese.
  • How it will help your language learning: If you want repetition, this song has it – which makes it mega easy to understand the vocabulary and structures that are embedded in the song lyrics.

This is just a taste of Spanish music at its best. But the list of the greats really is endless.

However, these Spanish songs are a starting point to not only preserve more vocabulary, but also to gain insight into different cultures.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to the playlist – and dance like you just don’t care.

Do you have any favorite songs that you use to learn Spanish? Let us know!


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