Hello, my name is Lenny

I was chosen to be the World Math Day Ambassador because I’m really good at math. I love math because it is so challenging and relates to real life. I love when I can do all of the extension math in my class. Other students in my class like when I can help them or even teach them. I love playing live math because I can challenge people and they can challenge me. For me and all of my classmates, World Math Day would be really fun and a great experience to remember.

At the beginning of the first semester of this year, I am starting a program called VHAP (Victorian High Capability Program) learning. It was a great experience, I learned a lot about Roman numerals, Chinese numerals, cracking, decoding and creating secret codes. It pushed me and I made a bunch of new friends from other schools.

I can’t wait for World Math Day to go up against everyone in the world and everyone in my school. I really hope I get a good high percentage of mathletics.

Math at my school is very interesting, we all get to know different operations, we do formulated puzzles and I can play some fun games for other students in the class.

When I grow up, I want to be a professional basketball player in the NBA. Basketball is a lot of math. Whether it is your average of what you get, how much you would win. How much you need to shoot the ball and the time in the game, the percentage of the ladder and much more. I want to go to college too, and to get to college you have to be smart. Most NBA players go to college before the NBA.

I can’t wait for World Math Day. I’ll count down the days!


Lenny Maxwell

Ambassador for World Mathematics Day
Gisborne Elementary School, Victoria


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