Leonor Corradi is an English teacher and an MSc in Education and Teacher Training (Surrey University, UK). a former member of the Foreign Language Committee, the National Ministry of Education, a didactics specialist, a research project evaluator in Argentina, and an academic advisor and materials designer and course book author. Leanor presents extensively at national and international conferences and congresses. She is also the author of the City of Foreign Language Curriculum BA (2001, English); She has also been involved in curriculum creation and reform and has been an ELTon judge since 2014.

In this blog post, Leonor shares her thoughts on lost learning, how it is defined, and what we can do to move forward when the classrooms come face to face again.

What is lost learning?

Lost learning arises from a prolonged void in a student’s education – learners may find that they have forgotten what they have educated, or their academic progress has stalled. Since the pandemic and widespread lockdowns, it has become a noticeable problem for students and teachers around the world.

However, wAlthough students have missed a lot of time in the physical classroom, it is important that we focus on the positive side of things once they are back in the classroom. Of course, we can take tests to gauge how far behind our students’ expectations are, but it is more positive to focus on what they are doing can to do.

It is therefore important to capitalize on our students’ desire to continue learning. Avoiding words like “gap”, “learning loss” and “deficit” when speaking is better for motivation. We can move forward with all the tools at our disposal and help our students enjoy the learning experience again.

The spring days have lost learning events

We have two webinars dedicated to lost learning. These will raise a number of questions and offer solutions:

  • How do you rate your students and determine if they have lost learning?
  • What’s the best way to keep learning despite the challenges they face?
  • What support tools are available to improve our students’ learning experience?

The challenges of teaching in pandemic times – a webinar with Leonor Corradi

As the panDemisch, teachers have had to change the way they teach – with little or no help from institutions. Concepts such as lost learning, catching up, returning to “normal” are omnipresent So let’s get back to the positive. In this webinar I will focus on how teachers can handle the situation and help students learn.

Leonor Corradi Lost learning The challenges of teaching in pandemic times 5th of May 14 o’clock TO REGISTER

Online assessment: where are we now? – A webinar with Andrew Khan

Our second speaker on lost learning will be Andrew Khan. Andrew is Senior Market Development Manager for English Assessment and has been with Pearson since 2006. He travels the world meeting with schools, universities and national governments to ensure that Pearson assessment solutions best meet the needs of learners and educators.

In this session, Andrew is looking at remote assessment a year after the pandemic started. It will also take up the current issues of data protection and security again. In particular, we will focus on the idea of ​​supplementing the year-end assessment with benchmarking tests that provide an opportunity to understand and close learning gaps using the example of the new Versant Professional English Test.

Andrew Khan Lost learning Online assessment: where are we now? 5th of May 10.30 a.m. TO REGISTER
3.30 p.m. TO REGISTER

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