All students can use the timing worksheet to practice the timing unit questions. This measurement exercise sheet can be practiced by students to get more ideas about reading a clock or clock.

I.Look at the clock and fill in the gaps in sentences with the correct word or number:

1. It’s 5 minutes to 5.

This is the same as _________ minutes after 4.

We can write it as _________.


2. It’s a quarter to 8.

This corresponds to 45 minutes after _________.

It can be written as _________: _________.

3. It’s 10 hours 30 minutes.

This can be said as half past eight _________.

This is the same as 10: _________.

4th The clock shows 4:15.

This is the same as after _________.

This can be referred to as 4 hours _________ minutes.

II.Read and write the time on the watch in three ways:

(For example, No. 1 is solved)


(i) 2:38

(ii) 38 minutes after 2

(iii) 22 minutes to 3


(me) _________

(ii) _________

(iii) _________


(me) _________

(ii) half past nine

(iii) 9 hours 30 minutes


(me) _________

(ii) _________

(iii) _________


(me) _________

(ii) _________

(iii) _________


(me) _________

(ii) _________

(iii) _________


(me) _________

(ii) _________

(iii) _________

III.Draw two hands (hour and minute) to indicate the time indicated:

(I) 4:05

(ii) 6:10

(iii) 10:45

(iv) 12:30

(v) 8:25

(vi) 3:55

IV. Draw the indicated time on the clock:

Display the specified time on the watch

If students have any questions about the questions asked in the timing worksheet, please fill out the comments box below so we can help.

However, suggestions for further improvements from all sides would be very welcome.

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