The word statistics can mean two different things.

Definition # 1

Statistics can relate numerical facts or Data after a survey was carried out.

Below are some examples of statistics as per definition # 1

  • Number of students who graduated from high school in the United States.
  • Number of students who graduated from college in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Number of people who see a doctor every day.
  • Number of marriages that have divorced.

For example, an example of statistics is that approximately 3 million students graduate from high school each year in the United States.

Second, statistics can relate to the subject. With this in mind, we can define statistics as follows.

Definition # 2

Statistics can refer to a collection of methods used to collect, organize, analyze, present, and interpret data.

Statistics have two aspects that are theoretical and applied.

Applied statistics involves the use of formulas, theorems, and laws to solve real-world problems.

Mathematical or theoretical statistics is concerned with the development of formulas, theorems and laws. It also aims to prove that these formulas, theorems, and laws are actually correct.

Decisions made using statistical methods are known as educated guesswork. On the other hand, when a decision is made without using statistical methods, we call it pure guesswork. And of course, guesswork is often not reliable.

In this unit on statistics, you will mainly learn about applied statistics. The aim of the class is to help you think statistically and make educated guesses.

Definition of the statistics quiz

This quiz will help you familiarize yourself with the following words or phrases.

  • Applied statistics
  • statistics
  • Theoretical statistics
  • Numerical facts
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • You will also learn about the various ways in which statistics can be defined.


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