What is a survey? What is a census? What is the difference between a poll and a census? A survey is the collection of information from all members of a sample or population.

When the information is collected from all members of the sample, the survey is invoked Sample survey.

When the information is collected from all members of the population, the survey is called a census.

It is not easy to conduct a census because the population is usually quite large.

It can also be very expensive if you pay people to take these surveys.

The United States of America attempts to conduct a census every 10 years. It fails every time as it is impossible to reach everyone.

Remember, the population doesn’t have to be very large to call a survey a census.

For example, let’s say you conduct a survey on the income of those who graduated from Harvard University in 2000.

For example, suppose 1,500 students graduated from Harvard in 2000.

A census can be done here as long as the university retains the contact information of all 1500 students who graduated in 2000.

If the university doesn’t have the contact information for all 1,500 students who graduated in 2000, they may need to conduct a sample survey.

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