The bar chart worksheet is used to practice various questions about how to display the bar chart using the following data provided in the questions.

The number of sheets a factory made in five consecutive weeks is given below.

week First Second third Fourth Fifth
Number of sheets 600 850 700 300 900

Draw the bar graph that represents the above data.

The number of students in 7 different classes is given below. Present this data in the bar chart.

class 6thth 7thth 8thth 9th 10th 11th 12thth
Number of students 130 120 135 130 150 80 75

The number of absenteeism in Class VIII was recorded in a given week. Present this data in the bar chart

Days Mon Tuesday Marry. Do. Fr. Sat
Number of absent 130 120 135 130 150 80

(a) On what day were the maximum and minimum students absent?

(b) How many students were absent on Wednesday and Friday?

(c) On which days were the same number of students absent?

The number of trees that a school’s eco-club has planted in different years is given below.

year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Number of trees to be planted 150 220 350 400 300 380

Draw the bar graph to represent the data.

5. The population of a given state in different years is given below.

year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Population in lakhs 35 40 50 65 90 105

Present the above data using the bar graph.

The following table shows the favorite sports of 300 students in a school.

Sports cricket Soccer ice Hockey badminton swim tennis
Number of students 80 40 20th 30th 45 75

Present the above data using a column chart.

7th The following data relates to the sales of refrigerators in a showroom in the first 6 months of the year.

Months Jan. Feb March April Can June
Number of refrigerators sold 20th 25th fifteen 40 35 30th

Draw the bar graph for the given dates and identify the months when sales were minimum and maximum.

The following are the marks Aaron got out of 50 out of 50 in different subjects on an exam. Present this information in a bar chart

subjects English Urdu mathematics science history
Received grades 40 30th 50 45 25th

Present this information in a bar chart.

The average monthly attendance of a class is given.

month July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan. Feb
participation 42 46 30th 50 38 20th 36 32

Draw the bar graph of the given data.

In which month is the average attendance minimum or maximum?

In which month was the average number of visitors less than 40?

Can you find the difference between the maximum and minimum average attendance?

The following data shows the birth rate per thousand different countries during a given year. Draw a bar graph.

country India Pakistan China Sri Lanka Russia
Birth rate 24 26 30th 20th 18th

11. The weekly sales of pencil boxes in a brick and mortar store are shown in the table below. Present the information provided in a bar graph using an appropriate scale.

(i) Write the title of the bar graph.

(ii) What is the maximum day on which pencil boxes were sold?

(iii) If the shopkeeper decides to close his shop for an additional day per week, would choosing which days result in minimum loss of sales and maximum loss of sales?

(iv) On what day were the fewest pencil boxes sold?

(v) On which two days were the same number of pencil boxes sold?

12th The following is the data showing the number of fourth grade students whose birthdays are in the first five months of the year. Create a bar chart for the given data.

13th A survey of 36 students in a class was carried out to find out what mode of transport they use to commute to school. The data collected are shown in the table below. Present the data in the form of a bar chart.

mode of transport


School bus



Number of students





Now answer the questions asked.

(i) Provide an appropriate title for the graphic.

(ii) How many students go to school?

(iii) What mode of transport do most students use?

(iv) How many students do not travel on the school bus?

Carefully read the questions in the worksheet in the bar chart and present the data in the column chart. The chart is shown below to verify the exact bar chart.



Bar chart worksheet


bar graph


Bar chart worksheet


Column chart worksheet


bar chart


Bar chart worksheet


Bar chart worksheet


bar graph


Bar chart worksheet


Worksheet on Colun Graph


Data and bar graph

(I) The weekly sale of pencil boxes in a brick and mortar store

(ii) Friday

(iii) Saturday, Friday

(iv) Monday, Saturday

(v) Monday, Saturday



Bar graph question

(I) Means of transport used by the students

(ii) 10

(iii) school bus

(iv) 20


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