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Yes, it’s infrastructure week. Again! And it couldn’t come soon enough. One of the few issues that everyone in Washington and across the country can agree on is that America’s aging and failing infrastructure needs urgent attention.

Infrastructure is one of the few uniform topics in Congress that is on the list of mandatory fields for almost every member. Repairing our infrastructure is also important as this is one of the things that connects everyone in our wide and diverse country. Every American relies on it every day, and it is the key to a bright and better future for all.

The US chemicals business will be central to the rebuilding process as we depend on and contribute to stronger and better infrastructure. That is the reason why the American chemical manufacturers are doing everything they can.

Addressing our country’s growing infrastructure problems is especially important to our members, as efficient transportation and robust energy infrastructure are critical to chemical manufacturing and our industry’s ability to innovate, grow and create well-paying American jobs.

Just as a well-functioning infrastructure system is essential to keep America’s chemical manufacturing strong, our industry is key to making America’s infrastructure better than it was before. That’s because our members are developing advanced materials that are used for infrastructure upgrades to make them more sustainable and resilient, and to make them lighter, stronger and less expensive.

In fact, the chemical industry is investing more in research and development than leading industries like electronics, automotive, and healthcare – investing more than $ 10 billion in 2019. An effective infrastructure package should help support the development and use of these advanced materials and techniques in new applications, including the use of recycled materials.

When it comes to specific policy solutions, we have long supported the IMAGINE Act to advance the research and development of new materials and the SMART Infrastructure Act to promote open competition and increase transparency in the spending of federal dollars on infrastructure projects . Our industry prides itself on finding new and innovative ways to take on great challenges. We are determined to work with the administration and leaders of both parties in Congress to develop guidelines that use market-based solutions to modernize our nation’s aging infrastructure.


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