We look forward to introducing you formula – –our new three-stage C.Ambridge English exam Preparatory series for teenagers and young adults. It is suitable for both extensive and intensive courses and covers the pre-levels B1, B2 First and C1 Advanced.

formula is a uniquely flexible exam preparation course that gives you all of the content and supportive ideas for classroom activities you need to make your class engaging and effective. Whether you teach face-to-face, mixed, online, or hybrid groups, formula offers a comprehensive selection of digital teaching resources for students and teachers.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the flexible elements the course offers and how you can customize them to suit your students’ needs:

Resources for students

class book

formula introduces your students to the structure of the Cambridge English exam and teaches them the techniques they need to pass. In addition, there are 8 individual units in the course book that guide you through the sections of the exam. This gives learners all the skills and confidence they need!

What’s more formula keeps your student’s attention with unique and exciting topics. All topics were written in the last year, which means that they are timely and relevant while reflecting the topics students are likely to find on the exam. You will learn things like expressing emotions in the modern world, self-care, and developing our ancient survival instincts for today’s threats. The topics and exam practice are naturally incorporated into the course book. Although the course is designed to help learners pass an exam, the language they are learning is relevant, interesting, and will last a lifetime.

In addition to teaching, the course book contains special sections to help students prepare for the Cambridge exams:

  • A fold-out exam booklet that has additional practice questions
  • Grammar file with detailed grammar explanations and accompanying exercises
  • Vocabulary file to strengthen your students’ vocabulary
  • Write file Both questions about writing and sample answers about leading students are practiced here.

Interactive eBook

The course book is available asn Interactive eBook that can also help students prepare for exams. The eBook allows learners to highlight notes, write, listen to activities, and review assignments as needed. In addition, students can use the Review Answers and View Answers features to monitor their own learning to ensure they are learning in real time.

Exam trainer

The exam trainer can be used with the course book or as a stand-alone course Component. Full of tips and advice Your students will explore everything in the correct order, from reading Part 1 to speaking Part 4 using the testing, teaching and testing method so that your students can actively participate.

The exam trainer also includes a full Cambridge style exam paper with audio to help students have a real exam day experience.

Exam trainer Interactive eBook

The Exam Trainer Interactive eBook can also be used on its own or as a further addition to the course book. Students can interact with the book. Take notes, add text, or mark important sections. Students can use the exam trainer to play audio clips and videos and get instant feedback on activities using the Review Answers and View Answers features.

Pearson Practice English App

The app contains useful videos that show students what to expect from the exam. It breaks down each section and makes sure that you really understand what is expected of you. There is also an interactive grammar class and speaking practice to provide additional support.

Resources for teachers

Teacher book

The Teacher book Contains a variety of supportive classroom activities such as: B. Introductory and concluding assignments, additional prompts to get students to speak, and additional activities that are completed quickly. If you need additional assistance, this is where you can find all the guides you need. In particular, the “How To” sections provide a comprehensive breakdown of how to maximize your students’ experience with the books.

Digital resources

The digital resources Provide teachers with supportive materials that can be tailored to the needs of the learner. The following can be accessed via the Pearson English Portal:

  • Vocabulary cards
  • Editable grammar presentations for the grammar point of each unit
  • Photocopiable worksheet with curriculum and answers
  • Benchmarking tools, including diagnostics, unit progress, and end-of-level assessments.
  • Dyslexia friend tests
  • 2 complete practice exams
  • Answer key
  • All audio and video files

Presentation tool

The presentation tool is easy to use and helps create fun and engaging lessons in both face-to-face and online classes. You can also use the presentation tool to plan your lessons in advance. The planning mode includes class notes and the easy switch to class mode once the class has started. All course materials are fully interactive with embedded audio and answer keys.

Learn. Experience. Create.

To help you get the most out of the formula, we’ve put together a series of webinars and live lessons. These will teach you, show you, and guide you through creating the best possible combinations of courses over and over again.


We started our formula webinar series with Joanne Hunter who gave us a comprehensive session on the formula building blocks and how to get them working in your classroom.


Once you’ve installed your building blocks, we invite you to see them in action. Lindsay Warwick and Billie Iago demonstratethe unique oneflexible cour duration the formula and how it applies in the classroom with a range of live lessons for large, semi-intensive, intensive, and super-intensive courses.

Check them out on YouTube now:


Lindsay Warwick closes the series by walking you through best practices for creating customiszExam preparation courses and how to use them depending on the context.

Register for the following events:

Lindsay Warwick May 19, 2021 2 p.m. UTC * to register
May 21, 2021 10 a.m. UTC * to register

Are you ready to take control? Enjoy that Learn. Create. Experience Webinars and Learn How to Create the Tailored Courses You Always Wanted!

Learn more about Formula or Download an example now!


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