Instagram currently has 1 billion monthly active users – that is an amazing number!

Most people use Instagram to share personal photos, meet up with friends, and stay up to date on current topics. You can also use this social network to learn and get inspiration. And when you are studying, there is a lot of useful content available to help you learn English.

In this post, we’re going to explore the benefits of using Instagram this way. We’ll also show you five new Instagram accounts that you can use to learn English!

The Benefits of Using Instagram to Learn English

So why use this hugely popular social media network to improve your language skills? Let’s take a look at what Instagram has to offer language learners:

A visual learning environment

Instagram is a visual platform that displays content through images and videos. So it’s perfect for anyone looking to learn visually. If you’re looking for a dynamic alternative to textbooks, Instagram can be a new and engaging way to learn English.

A fun learning experience

You learn more when you have fun, and Instagram is definitely a fun platform with quizzes, polls, and other interactive games. You can test your English skills outside of the classroom and on the go.

Quick feedback on questions

If you’re looking for a quick answer to a language question, this active, busy platform is the place for you. You can ask other users for help in comment areas or even send a direct message to the site’s account owner for advice or further clarification – it’s easy, quick and easy!

The opportunity to connect with other learners

There are Instagram users all over the world. Using the app gives you the opportunity to connect with many other English learners. You can communicate through Instagram stories, comment on posts, or chat through direct messages. It’s a great way to practice outside of class.

Follow 5 Instagram accounts to learn English

Whether you want general English, business English, or English for kids, there is something for everyone on Instagram. There are even accounts that create specific content for specific language skills such as vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top five accounts that will follow today.

1. Learn Pearson English

Pearson Englishs The new Instagram account Pearson English Learning is for everyone who wants to improve their general English. By following this account, you will see grammar explanations and useful vocabulary, questions to practice your language skills, and quotes for studying to stay motivated and inspired to learn English.

Whether you’re studying abroad, living in an English-speaking country, or looking to advance your career, Pearson English Learning can help you achieve those goals.

Follow them here at @pearsonenglishlearning.

2. Pearson PTE

The PTE account has just been set up to help students prepare for it Pearson Test of English (PTE). The exam helps language learners to prove their English skills for study abroad and for visa purposes.

Following this account will provide you with the guidance, practical advice, and motivation you need to get a good score in PTE. It focuses on tips for specific areas of the exam, such as: B. writing or reading, as well as key vocabulary and useful grammar.

Find her at @PTE.official

3. Learn BBC English

This veteran account now has nearly 3 million followers. BBC Learning English is a regular contributor and has a range of content from quizzes to grammar explanations. You can engage in video challenges and have discussions.

One of the most popular forms of content is the informal British English that they cover, such as idioms related to football and weather, and the fast food vocabulary. Learn and have fun with this account!

Check them out here at @BBC learn English.

4. Discussion with Emma

If you want to improve your pronunciation, this account is perfect for you! Emma is a veteran English teacher from the UK who specialize in creating content specifically for learners struggling with pronunciation.

She regularly publishes videos that help with common pronunciation problems. Their videos show the difference between vowel sounds, show you the correct pronunciation of particularly tricky words like “headache” and “quarantine”, and help you learn the difference between words with similar sounds like “sit” and “sit”.

Look at her @Pronunciationsithemma.

5. English_vocabulary

Set up by the Green Forest School of EnglishThis report is solely dedicated to helping English learners improve their vocabulary.

Its main goal is to help students learn colloquial languages, expressions, idioms, phrase verbs, and other urban vocabulary that are not normally covered in class. They publish once a day and include the key vocabulary, definition, example and a brief note to help you pronounce it.

It’s perfect when you don’t have a lot of time to study but want to expand your vocabulary further!

Follow them @English vocabulary.

Do you have any favorite Instagram accounts that you can use to learn English? If so, let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget to follow us @pearsonenglishlearning.


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