Practice the questions asked in the worksheet on 4-digit numbers. The questions are based on writing the missing number in the correct order, writing the name of the numbers, writing the numbers, filling in the blanks, counting in tow, counting in tens, counting in hundreds, and counting in thousands .

I. Write the number names for the given numbers:

(i) 4367

(ii) 8409

(iii) 3216

(iv) 5171

(v) 7209

(vi) 3930

(vii) 4583

(viii) 8020

II.Write numbers for the following:

(i) Six thousand one hundred sixty-five

(ii) Eight thousand nine hundred fifty-four

(iii) Seven thousand two hundred three

(iv) Two thousand seven

(v) Four thousand four hundred sixty-nine

(vi) one thousand two hundred fifty-seven

(vii) Three thousand two hundred eight

III. Do the following count:

IV. Fill in the gaps:

V. Count in pairs and write the next 5 numbers starting from the given number:

(i) 3245

(ii) 7896

(iii) 4515

(iv) 3012

VI. In tens, write the next 5 numbers, starting with the given number:

(i) 2424

(ii) 6800

(iii) 7543

(iv) 5179

VII. Write the next 5 numbers in hundreds, starting with the given number:

(i) 4609

(ii) 3562

(iii) 1892

(iv) 5780

VIII. In thousands, write the next 5 numbers starting from the given number:

(i) 4555

(ii) 2168

(iii) 4379

(iv) 3881

3rd grade math worksheets

3rd grade math lesson

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