4th grade math question worksheets with numbers on the spike abacus for practice Learning 1 digit, 2 digits, 3 digits, 4 digits and 5 digits on the Spike Abacus. Since we already know that Spike Abacus is very helpful in understanding the concept of the size and name of a number. This worksheet will help us practice the Spike Abacus, which is the number of multi-digit numbers, to find the number and to write the number in numbers and words.

S.ee the abacus, find the number and write the numbers and words:


Abacus questions


Abacus math


Learn abacus


Abacus quiz


Abacus worksheet


Abacus means


Abacus tutoring


Abacus sample


Abacus example


Abacus work

11. Read the number given on the abacus and fill in the blanks:


Abacus problem

_____ thousands

_____ Hundreds

_____ ten

_____ ones


_____ thousands

_____ Hundreds

_____ ten

_____ ones


Abacus example

_____ thousands

_____ Hundreds

_____ ten

_____ ones


Abacus Math worksheet

_____ thousands

_____ Hundreds

_____ ten

_____ ones

If students have any questions about the questions, please contact us so we can help. However, suggestions for further improvements from all sides would be very welcome.

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