This week (23-38 May) the SIAM Conference 2021 on Dynamic Systems Applications (DS21), officially known as “Snowbird” (link here). It’s virtual, but captures the planned Portland, Oregon location (including a virtual beach). The conference has over 1250 registered participants, 219 mini-symposia, 28 presentation sessions and 9 plenary invited presentations. The team from Surrey includes Philip Aston, Nicola Baresi, Gianne Derks, Dan Hill, Ying Huang, Stefan Klus, David Lloyd, Jane Lyle, and Callum Pettit. Details of their contributions are given below.

Stefan Klus has a two-part mini-symposium on “Data-driven methods for stochastic systems“On Sunday / Monday and present the lecture”Koopman analysis of quantum systems with hidden variables”In another mini symposium on Wednesday. Philip Aston organized a mini symposium “Reconstruction of the attractor for symmetric projections: dynamic concepts for time series data“On Monday, which includes talks from three Surrey speakers: Jane Lyle on “Reconstruction of a symmetrical projection attractor: embedding physiological time series in higher dimensions“, Ying Huang on “Detect atrial fibrillation from ECGs with normal sinus rhythm using symmetrical projection attractor reconstruction and machine learning“, and Callum Pettit on “Determination of individual cycle lengths from PPG data with the help of the reconstruction of a symmetrical projection attractor“. Philip also presents his work on “The fascinating dynamics of the humble superball”In another mini symposium on Thursday. Dan Hill gives a lecture on “The presence of localized radial patterns on the surface of a ferrofluid”On Monday and David Lloyd presents his work on “Calculation of the wave number selection inside and outside the homoclinic snake region“on Thursday. From the Surrey Space Center, Nicola Baresi presents “Quasi-periodic orbits for exploring small irregular moons” on Tuesday. Gianne Derksis a member of the DS21 Organizing Committee. The picture below shows the first slide of Janespeech.


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