ACS Publications is excited to announce the launch of the ACS Solutions Center, an online resource specifically focused on the various organizations we serve. This new center, which replaces and enhances content and tools previously available in ACS InfoCentral, provides insight into ACS Publications’ research areas, products, services and access information for organizations. With this new resource, our goal is to provide a dynamic digital experience that will help institutional buying decision makers easily browse and self-educate ACS Publications solutions based on their areas of interest and / or professional role. ACS Publications invites you to be part of the next big discovery and get access to the highest quality content and resources in the chemical sciences!

Find content that suits your interests

Whether your focus is agriculture or pharmacy, ACS Publications has content to keep you updated on the latest research, help you educate, or inspire your next idea. Find out how our journals, e-books, and educational content can offer new insights into these research areas.

Trustworthy knowledge solutions for your community

From university libraries to corporate knowledge bases, ACS Publications provides high quality, trusted resources for students, educators, researchers and librarians. We aim to be the preferred publishing partner of academic, corporate, government and nonprofit organizations around the world. See what we have to offer

Find the right content every time

ACS Publications offers the most interesting, reliable, and relevant scientific content in the world. Give your students, faculties, staff, or academics the information they need to start their next influential job, product, or discovery. Find out more about our available solutions and how they can educate and inform learners and professionals across your organization.

ACS makes it easier to access publications

From providing the best academic resources for students and faculty, to keeping research libraries up-to-date for corporate or government organizations, ACS has access options to suit your specific needs. Find out about all of our access options.

Usage information and more

ACS strives to demonstrate the value of our institutional solutions and provide meaningful insights into how your customers use our products and services. Customers can now visit an updated Manage My Account page to access our administrator portal, where you can use a variety of tools and resources to maximize the impact of your institutional subscriptions. We also have a dedicated page for resources on pricing, MARC and KBART files, sample licenses, and more.

Connect with a sales rep

If you have any questions or concerns about subscribing to your institution’s ACS publications, this tool now makes it easy for you to identify and contact your Regional Account Manager.

If you have any questions or comments about the ACS Solutions Center, please send the Contact form here and we will answer your request.


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