Busuu is still one of the few language learning apps that has repeatedly proven that the time you study with us leads to a significant improvement in language fluency.

Here at Busuu, the team works incredibly hard to make language learning here as effective as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a superior method of learning a language that reflects the way the world is learning today.

To ensure we are creating the best possible learning experience for our community, we continually invest in testing and gathering feedback from learners. In order to be completely transparent to our learners, we also invest in independent studies on the effectiveness of Busuu with expert research teams.

Why? We want learners in our community to be sure that if they invest time, money and effort in Busuu, they will get the best possible return on investment.

Our latest effectiveness study

Our first independent efficacy study was published back in 2016 and focused on our self-paced course. Busuu has changed tremendously since then, and live lessons – online lessons with qualified language teachers – are an important addition to our offering.

We believe that the combination of Busuu’s self-paced courses, our community, and access to online teachers, all powered by AI, are the key ingredients in the best way to learn a language. And so we decided to put today’s Busuu to the test!

For our 2021 effectiveness study, we once again contacted Dr. Roumen Vesselinov, who with his research team also led our 2016 effectiveness study in the USA. Dr. Vesselinov and his team are incredibly experienced in our field and have already completed 14 independent effectiveness studies on language learning apps. You can read all of these studies in full on Comparelanguageapps.com.

How was Busuu rated in the 2021 study?

Our 2021 study focused on both beginners and advanced learners using a combination of Busuu’s self-study courses and one-to-one tuition with a teacher.

The research team responsible for the study tested all participants at the beginning and at the end of the study to measure the improvement in their language skills. Each of the 113 participants committed to study with Busuu for only two months, with a minimum of two hours per week.

In this way, we could assess improvements in language proficiency that a busy adult studying alongside work, family, or education could expect in a relatively small amount of time each week.

How was Busuu?

Our results were consistently excellent, with both novice and intermediate learners showing rapid and significant improvements in both their reading and grammar comprehension and speaking skills.

Compared to the average US college course (typically 90-110 hours of face-to-face tuition), participants were able to show improvements in a much shorter time (average 28-76 hours, depending on first place). .

It should also be emphasized that our 2021 study will cover the first effectiveness study into a language learning app that shows the extent to which Intermediate level learners were able to improve their language level significantly.

Busuu is currently one of the few language learning apps that has repeatedly proven that learning with us leads to significant improvements through learning. spoken fluently. Most other language learning apps can only show gains in receptive skills like reading and vocabulary recognition.

The main results of the 2021 study were as follows:

  • 100% of beginners improved on at least one test.
  • 82% of the advanced (No = 74) improved in at least one test.
  • 77% of beginners (No = 39) have improved more than a semester in their WebCAPE internship.
  • 50% of intermediate level learners improved on both tests.
  • Beginners took an average of 28 hours to leave their current language level.
  • Intermediate learners took an average of 76 hours to leave their current language level.

Would you like to learn more? Read the full study on the Compare Language Apps website.

What’s next?

Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of these results. They help recognize all of the hard work and energy we put into Busuu and encourage us to continue creating the best learning experience for our community.

Rest assured, we will continue to invest in independent efficacy research and encourage other digital language learning providers to do the same.


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