We know that multiplication is repeated addition. Let’s briefly recall what we learned about multiplication.

Consider the following:

I. Andrea made sandwiches for 12 people. If they shared it equally, they each got ½ a sandwich. How many sandwiches did Andrea make?

Multiplication is repeated addition

Repeated addition:

We know that every people get half a sandwich.

Multiplication is repeated addition


½ × 12

= ( frac {12} {2} )

= 6

So Andrea made 6 sandwiches and shared with 12 people, each of whom got ½ a sandwich.

II. Doreen then poured out a few bottles of fresh orange juice among the 8 people. Each of them received ( frac {3} {4} ) a glass. How many bottles of fresh orange juice did Andrea use?

Repeated addition:

Multiplication is repeated addition


× 8

= ( frac {24} {4} )

= 6

Doreen used 6 bottles of fresh orange juice.

So would you like to add more or would you rather multiply?


Repeated addition

In the example above, 4 is repeated 5 times. Adding the same number is called repeated addition.

Because from the above examples we can clearly understand that multiplication is faster than repeated addition.

Multiplication is the addition of equal groups.

If Sara has 3 cats, how can she quickly count the number of legs that 3 cats have in total?

3 groups of 4 legs; 3 times 4 = 12

If a teacher has 5 books and there are 3 teachers, how many books does he have in total?

3 times 5 = 15; 3 × 5 = 15

The ‘×’ character is used to indicate multiplication. The result of the multiplication is called the product.

Multiplication is repeated addition.

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