Starting June 17, 2021, ChemRxiv, the leading preprint server for the chemical sciences, will be hosted on the Cambridge Open Engage platform. Everyone in the ChemRxiv team is excited about the new, improved experience for ChemRxiv authors and readers that complements the high quality content, guidelines and functions of ChemRxiv today.

On the new ChemRxiv site, which will remain at, authors who publish preprints benefit from an improved experience and still have access to all important existing functions, such as journals and usage metrics for published preprints. There will also be improvements to ChemRxiv’s publishing platform, including an improved authoring dashboard where you can see the status of your content uploads, easily upload new versions of your preprints, and see your preprint statistics at a glance. ChemRxiv readers also benefit from updated browsing and search interfaces to find relevant content without logging in, and the website has expanded policy pages and information.

The new platform uses ORCID, the unique identifier for researchers, for their login process. From June 17th, all ChemRxiv authors who submit the application require a valid ORCID in order to register and submit preprints for examination. Additionally, we will match your previous preprints to the ORCID that was listed when the original submission was made, and these preprints will be available on your dashboard when you log in with your ORCID. If you are a ChemRxiv author and do not currently have an ORCID, you can register for one on the ORCID website. The registration ist free and takes only a few moments.

ChemRxiv will continue to be jointly owned and administered by the following organizations:

For more information on this step, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions for authors and researchers, please visit this page. The ChemRxiv support team is available at any time to answer your questions, or on Twitter @ChemRxiv.


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