ACS Publications is committed to celebrating diversity in the chemical sciences. From our editors and authors to young researchers and industrial chemists, we recognize the broad influence of women in science on chemistry and allied sciences. Empowering Women in Organic Chemistry (EWOC) is an annual conference that began last year at the University of Pennsylvania and aims to empower all marginalized individuals by promoting equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion in all areas of chemistry. ACS Publications has supported EWOC since Margaret Faul, Associate Editor for Organic letters, she co-founded in 2019. This year, ACS Journals Central to Organic Chemistry * will participate and sponsor the EWOC virtual conference from June 24th to June 25th.

Attend ACS Publications at EWOC 2021OC

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  • Publish Like a Boss Networking Session | Thursday, June 24th at 6:00 p.m. ET

Attend this virtual networking session with representatives from ACS Publications, Thieme and the Royal Chemistry Society.

  • Meet the Sponsors’ Meeting: ACS Publications | Thursday, June 24th at 1:30 p.m. ET

Come by and say hello and learn more about ACS Publications and our portfolio of journals focused on organic chemistry.

  • Discussion on diversity, justice and inclusion in organic chemistry – Workshop: | Friday, June 25 at 9:00 a.m. ET

This one from Dr. Daniela M. Arias-Rotondo, Dr. Elizabeth Elacqua and Dr. Laure V. Kayser-led workshop focuses on an article recently published by junior faculties in the US and Canada: “Organic Chemistry: A Retrosynthetic Approach to a Diverse Field”, ACS Central Science, 2020, 11, 1845-1850. Learn more.

  • Work-life balance: considerations on work on site and remotely – workshop | Thursday, June 24th at 6:00 p.m. ET

Professor Sarah Reisman, Associate Editor for The Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), will co-chair this networking session with Hui Huang from Johnson & Johnson.

  • Release of Therapeutic Proteins to the Cytosol: Myth and Reality| Friday, June 25 at 3:10 p.m. ET
    Join Professor Alanna Schepartz, editor-in-chief of Biochemistry, for your speaker lecture.

Highlights of the 2021 gender diversity initiatives from ACS Publications

Here are some highlights from the many initiatives we’ve completed this year that show our commitment to celebrating women in science all year round.

  • C & EN’s Amazing Women of Chemistry: a compilation of interviews, profiles, and career snapshots of women in molecular sciences.
  • Editorial “Gender Diversity in Process Chemistry”: This editorial provides an update on the progress made since its original publication in 2019. The update contains an action plan that identifies six categories for advancing gender diversity in the process chemistry community. The OPR & D The editorial is written by two EWOC founders, Rebecca T. Ruck and Margaret M. Faul.
  • Special edition “Women in Process Chemistry”: This special edition of OPR & D contains a collection of papers published by women in process chemistry. This innovative work encompasses a wide variety of topics relevant to the safe, environmentally friendly and ultimately economical production of organic compounds.
  • Special edition “Women at the forefront of Chemistry”: a collection of articles that the researchers introduce to the new advances their groups have in. have published ACS Omega.
  • Professor Marisa C. Kozlowski, who was appointed editor-in-chief of Organic letters this year after serving as Associate Editor for Journal of Organic Chemistry, Professor Kozlowski is heavily involved in initiatives that support women in organic chemistry. On International Women’s Day (May 8th of this year) she launched a website and database of women organic chemists.
  • Prof. Christa E. Müller as the new editor-in-chief of ACS Pharmacology and Translation Studies on April 1st. She recommends junior researchers in the field of “looking for mentors, building networks, being open and always talking to people, working with great scientists and having fun at work.”

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* The sponsorship magazines include: ACS Central Science, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry ACS Letters, ACS Omega, ACS Pharmacology and Translation Studies, biochemistry, American Chemical Society Journal (JACS), Organic letters,Organometallics,Research and Development of Organic Processes (OPR & D), The journal for organic chemistry.

EWOC focuses on career stories about how outstanding women in organic chemistry developed their careers – and the ACS Institute is a learning platform that provides a solid collection of learning and training resources to help advance the chemistry community. Discover the ACS Institute now.


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