The 3rd grade math worksheets are carefully planned and carefully presented to the students about math. Teachers and parents can also follow the worksheets to guide students. All topic questions are dealt with in 3rd grade math exercises. These worksheets can also be used for home work. All kinds of questions are covered in the homework sheets, for example about Four-digit numbers, comparison of numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometric shapes and figures, length measurement, mass measurement, capacity measurement, time measurement, money, fractions, pictograms, mental arithmetic, patterns, etc…..

Third grade math worksheets add a special touch to the student and generate interest and enthusiasm in students. If a student has any doubts about a specific question in the worksheets or any questions, he / she can contact me or email me with that specific question. As soon as I see your question, I will surely answer you within 24 hours with the step-by-step solution along with the explanation of this particular question.

Math practice test for third grade

3rd grade number worksheet: The 3rd grade number worksheet will help us practice various 3-digit number questions, such as writing numbers in words, writing numbers in numbers, or numbers, 3-digit numbers preceding or after coming, expanded form of a 3-digit number, changing the numbers from expanded form to standard form, fill in the gaps to compare the 3-digit number by using the symbols for less than (<) oder gleich (=) oder größer als (>) To know the order, use numbers that arrange numbers in ascending order.

3rd grade math arrangement of the number worksheet: Maths arrangement of the number sheet will give us numerous practice questions in the third grade to arrange the 3-digit number in ascending and descending order.

Worksheet on the importance of the 3rd grade: Third grade math questions to identify and write the place and face value of 3-digit numbers.

Facts about addition worksheet

Addition Properties Worksheet:

Word addition problems worksheet:

Worksheet to supplement the 3rd grade

Facts about subtraction worksheet

Subtraction Word Problems Worksheet:

Subtraction Properties Worksheet:

Addition and subtraction word task worksheet

Worksheet on Roman numerals and English numerals:

Factsheet on multiplication

Multiplication Properties Worksheet:

Multiplication Word Problems Worksheet:

Multiplication word problem worksheet

Division Facts Worksheet

Division Properties Worksheet:

Division Properties Worksheet:

Division Word Problems Worksheet:

Worksheet for division with no regrouping and no remainder

Worksheet for splitting without regrouping and with remainder

Worksheet on word problems when dividing by two-digit numbers

Division worksheet with regrouping and no remainder

Worksheet for division with regrouping and with remainder

Division Abbreviation Method Worksheet

Four basic operations worksheet:

Worksheet for adding 4-digit numbers

Worksheet for adding 5-digit numbers

Worksheet on word problems with 5-digit numbers

3rd grade subtraction worksheet

Worksheet for subtracting 4-digit numbers

Worksheet for subtracting 5-digit numbers

Worksheet for combining addition and subtraction

Multiplication worksheets for 3rd grade

Word problem worksheet for multiplying by two-digit numbers

Multiplication table from 2 to 9

Worksheet for basic forms:

Lines, line segment, and ray worksheet:

Third grade geometric shapes worksheet:

Worksheet on airplane figures:

Worksheet on the basic concept of the perimeter

Third grade mixed addition and subtraction worksheet:

Worksheet for mixed addition and subtraction problems of the third grade:

Worksheet on mixed problems of multiplication and division of the third grade:

Third grade mixed multiplication and division worksheet:

Length conversion worksheet:

Worksheet for converting the measuring length

Worksheet for measuring length in third grade:

Length addition worksheet:

Worksheet for addition in meters and centimeters

Worksheet for subtracting in meters and centimeters

Worksheet for addition in kilometers and meters

Length subtraction worksheet:

Worksheet for the word problem on length measurement

Mass Conversion Worksheet:

Worksheet for converting the measurement mass

Worksheet for adding mass:

Worksheet for addition in kilograms and grams

Third degree mass measurement worksheet:

Mass subtraction worksheet:

Worksheet for subtracting in kilograms and grams

Word task worksheet for measuring mass

Capacity conversion worksheet:

Worksheet for converting the measuring capacity

Capacity Expansion Worksheet:

Worksheet for addition in liters and milliliters

Worksheet for subtracting in liters and milliliters

Capacity subtraction worksheet:

Worksheet for measuring capacitance in third grade:

Worksheet for the word task on capacity measurement

Time and Calendar Worksheet for Third Grade:

Reading time worksheet:

Counting Digits Worksheet:

Money worksheets:

Money worksheet: questions about writing the amount of money in short form, writing the amount of money in long form, writing the amount of money in rupees and paises, writing the amount of money in words, writing the amount of money in numbers, writing the amount of money with the decimal point, converting the amount of money from rupees in pais and conversion of the amount of money from pais to rupees.

Coins and bills worksheet

Worksheet for converting rupees and paises

Adding Money Worksheet: Questions about adding the amount of money, adding up after arranging the amount of money in columns of rupees and paises, and having trouble adding money

Word Problems Adding Money Worksheet

Withdrawal worksheet: questions about withdrawing the amount of money, subtracting after arranging the amount of money in columns of rupees and paises, and problems with withdrawing money

Word Subtraction Worksheet

Money Multiplication Worksheet: Money Multiplication Questions and Money Multiplication Tasks

Allocation of Money Worksheet: Allocation of Money Questions to Find the Quotient & Remainder and Money Allocation Problems

Third Grade Money Worksheet: Different Kinds of Problems Calculating Money in Rupees and Coins.

Fractional worksheets:

Worksheet for identifying a faction

Fractional Major or Minor Worksheet: Practice the questions to find the major or minor fraction among the pairs of fractions by arranging the fractions in ascending and descending order and doing word problems about fractions.

Equivalent Fractional Fractions Worksheet: Practice the questions to write the equivalent fractions of a fraction, find out which pairs of fractions are equivalent, and find the exact number to make the fractions equivalent.

Correct Fraction and Incorrect Fraction Worksheet: Practice the questions to identify correct and improper fractions.

W.Orksheet for adding fractions with common denominators:

Worksheet for subtracting fractions with common denominators:

Third Grade Fraction Worksheet: Practice the list of Mixed Fraction Questions to get the basic concept for third graders.

Mental arithmetic worksheets and patterns:

Worksheet for illustration: The visual representation helps us to collect the information to answer the questions about the pictograms.

Mental arithmetic worksheets and patterns:

Mental math addition worksheet: Additionally, practice the worksheet to improve your mental math skills.

Mental math subtraction worksheet: Practice the worksheet in subtraction to improve your mental math skills.

Mental math addition and subtraction worksheet: Practice calculating magic squares and magic triangles to put the right numbers in the right places.

Patterns worksheet: Practice counting in numbers the different types of growing patterns to fill in the blanks.

Third grade math worksheet:

Math questions for third grade:

Math homework sheets

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