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East Hanover, NJ. June 18, 2021. May numbers for workers on leave remained relatively constant, according to today’s COVID update National Trends in Disability Employment (nTIDE).

This mid-month nTIDE follows two key indicators of unemployment – vacation or layoffs and the number of job seekers, comparing trends for people with and without disabilities. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an unprecedented surge in vacations and job seekers, leading to the addition of this mid-month nTIDE COVID update in the spring of 2020.

As the updated graph shows, unemployment figures in May showed a slight increase in vacation days for people with disabilities and a slight decrease for people without disabilities. The number of job seekers rose slightly in both groups. These changes do not change the bigger picture, which is still characterized by slow progress towards recovery, according to economist Andrew Houtenville, PhD, director of research at the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability and co-author of nTIDE. “Unemployment seems to be leveling off, but at a higher level,” he noted. “We are still seeing the same values ​​as in summer and autumn 2020. Could this be a new normal? It’s too early to say that. ”

As the pandemic subsides and economic activity picks up, employers are looking for workers. Dr. Houtenville expects more jobs for workers as sectors such as travel, sports and entertainment return to their pre-pandemic plans. “As the number of vacancies increases, we will see many changes in the labor market. The recovery will continue, most likely at a slow pace, ”he predicted. “It will take time to reduce these chronically high unemployment figures.”

The rebuilding of the economy offers opportunities to change the employment landscape in the United States. Dr. Houtenville noted, “By making sure their recruitment initiatives are based on diversity, employers will contribute to a truly inclusive American workforce.”


Due to the observance of the holiday in June, no webinar was planned for this nTIDE COVID update from June 18. Register for next month’s nTIDE webinars: July 2, 2021 nTIDE job report and our COVID update from July 23, 2021 at https: //Research on disability.Organization/At home/night

This COVID update is an additional edition of National Trends in Disability Employment (nTIDE), a joint project of the Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability, co-authored by Dr. Houtenville and John O’Neill, PhD, from Kessler Foundation. The nTIDE team closely monitors job numbers and issues bi-monthly nTIDE reports as the labor market continues to reflect the many challenges posed by the pandemic.

Funding: Kessler Foundation and the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) (90RT5037)

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