Pearson and BBC Live Classes began in 2018. The project encourages different nationalities, races and religions to come together and communicate in English. It’s also free and open to students between the ages of 9 and 19. Our goal was to create a multicultural experience that connects people from around the world who are passionate about learning.

When we started the third annual program of the Pearson and BBC Live Classes 2020/2021 on October 15, 2020, the British Council ELTons made us the winner of the Award for innovation in learning resources. I was so proud of the team and it was an incredible boost for everyone involved.

So far 2,500 schools from 81 countries have taken part in a live class and the project has exceeded my wildest expectations. In 2020/2021 alone, we conducted 250 global lessons for 35,000 students.

Since the first live class I have seen that there is a great passion for learning all over the world. I have observed motivated students speaking English outside of the classroom and teachers showing their students the true value of their schooling.

Our unique community has grown, supports and motivates each other every step of the way. This has become more evident during the pandemic. Standing hand in hand with thousands of learners, educators, and our coaches was the best reward I could think of. Thank you for being part of this project!

Our trainers want to share their best moments from their lessons.

Michael Brand

Live courses 2020/2021

Michael explains that he loves seeing students from different countries interact in breakout rooms.

He also explains how much he loves watching students do wrap-up assignments after class.

“To give an example: Natalia and Karolina from Poland attended the Young entrepreneurs Lesson, ”he says. “They then made a video about the dance school they wanted to open ‘Dance Land: Live Together. Dancing together. ‘ – It was great to see how they apply what they have learned and bring in their own ideas, creativity and passion. “

Liz Beer

“Every month, live classes gave me and my students the opportunity to escape our cramped spaces for an hour,” she says. “We can virtually travel around the world to get to know each other, laugh and connect with each other.”

A highlight for Liz was “seeing how proud the students are when they realize that they can use their English to communicate with others and be understood in return.”

She adds, “I was also really impressed with how committed the students are to learning, seeing that they are connecting to wherever they can on any device. The video posted by Tina Malinda S. and her students from RBKB got it right to the point and absolutely melted my heart. “

Harry Waters

Harry says live classes are always the highlight of his month. “The opportunity to get in touch with so many people around the world was the obvious highlight for me as a live class trainer,” he says.

“The passion for learning and the desire to get involved from both students and teachers has all paid off,” he continues. “It’s been a great year and I can’t wait to get back to the live classroom.”

Chloe Dennis

Live courses 2020/2021 Dan

Chloe enjoys every lesson because the students make it unique. “Somebody once asked me if teaching the same lesson over and over was boring. My answer was a definite “NO!” Each lesson brought new laughs and smiles and I learned so much from the Live Classes community, ”she says.

“Of course, I’ve heard of festivals around the world that I had never heard of (a fireworks festival, an artichoke festival, end of winter festivals, color festivals, etc!),” She says.

Chloe’s highlights include a group bringing home-cooked traditional food to the class to share. “If only it were really possible to taste it!” She says. She also recalls “students teaching each other samba and sevillanas and a group that came dressed in their traditional costumes”.

Chloe sums up: “But the best thing about this project is the enthusiasm and positive attitude that everyone brings with them. It was absolutely contagious and I was always so happy and full of energy on the day of the live class. I can’t wait to get started again next year. Have a nice summer vacation to everyone! “

Vanessa Hartson Walker

When Vanessa first started a virtual class, she was concerned. “I was curious and nervous at the same time,” she says. “Then classes and students would come in and see different names and countries, which created a unique classroom experience that I also know and love.

It was exciting for Vanessa to connect with so many great students and teachers every month.

“Every lesson had a positive atmosphere and as the students took part in the activities I really saw how much fun they were having,” she says. “The students had the opportunity to put their language skills to the test and to receive so much positive feedback that really put me on cloud nine. I am so grateful to be part of this fantastic project. “

Dan Schäferpher

Live courses 2020/2021 Chloe

Dan loved every minute of his Live Classes 2020/2021 experience. “Wow, what an incredible year! I was overwhelmed by the positive attitude and the hard work of all the students and teachers I got to know. “

Dan notes that the transition to online teaching might not have been easy, but the resilience teachers and students have shown has been excellent.

One of his most memorable moments was when two groups of students from different countries and very different cultures met. “They discussed in a group room and found that it doesn’t matter where you live – teenagers have very similar interests and ambitions everywhere,” he says.

“Another important moment for me was Lesson G, which is about higher education and the university,” says Dan. “I’ve found out how ambitious students are – wanting to become doctors, lawyers, programmers, artists and engineers, among others.”

He goes on, in Lesson K (Working with Nature) it was also great to see all the amazing places in their countries where you can experience the great outdoors. I’ve definitely made notes and can’t wait to visit the Tatra Mountains on the border with Poland and Slovakia. “

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Pearson and BBC Live Classes 2020/2021 have ended for the time being. However, we have something special sustainability-related classes all summer with Harry.

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