In this study, an amination-oxidation-amination-reduction (AOAR) strategy was used to synthesize 2,5-bis (N-methyl-aminomethyl) furan (BMAF) from HMF via the intermediate 2,5-bis (N.) suggested -Methyl-iminomethyl) furan (BMIF). First, an efficient synthesis of BMIF from HMF by a one-pot amination-oxidation-amination reaction over α-MnO2 in an air atmosphere was developed. A BMIF yield of 98.3% was obtained under mild reaction conditions. The conversion of HMF to BMIF went through the rapid amination of HMF to 5- (methyl-iminomethyl) furfuryl alcohol (MIFA), the subsequent rate-limiting oxidation of MIFA to 5- (methyl-iminomethyl) furfural (MIFF) and, finally, the rapid amination of MIFF to BMIF. The rapid amination of MIFF to BMIF drove the equilibrium of the oxidation reaction of MIFA towards MIFF, which ensured the highly efficient conversion of HMF to BMIF. The investigation of the catalytic mechanism showed that α-MnO2 maintains structural stability in the reaction due to the better ability of the lattice to release oxygen and the ability to coordinate oxygen. The larger ratio and better mobility of the lattice oxygen gives α-MnO2 better catalytic performance in the oxidation of MIFA to MIFF through the redox cycle of Mn4 + / Mn3 +, which facilitates the conversion of HMF to BMIF. Finally, the BMAF yield of 96.1% was achieved through the reduction of BMIF with Ru / C after the AOA reaction, whereby the synthesis of BMAF from HMF was realized in a two-step reaction in one pot.


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