Pearson Teacher Education & Learning Academy is proud to announce the launch of the Pearson English Language Teacher Development Program (Pearson ELTD), a Trinity College London-accredited Level 6 international teaching qualification available now on

Professional development at your own pace

The Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT) is a brand new teaching qualification program. It is aimed at both non-accredited teachers with at least two years of experience and those with a first teaching qualification and at least six months of experience.

“The Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT) program is truly the first of its kind,” said Seshni Jacobs, director of professional learning and development at Pearson – Pearson Teacher Education and Learning Academy. “I am confident that this unique asynchronous and self-directed international qualification will set the benchmark for the future development of qualifications for English teaching.”

The qualification was developed by subject matter experts from the Pearson Teacher Education & Learning Academy. It will improve your understanding of pedagogical theory and help you reflect and broaden your current teaching practice.

“Many of the teachers I meet want to develop. They may not have the time or the desire to do a diploma or master’s degree, but are looking for a structured program that they can complete in their own time and at their own pace and apply directly to their classes, ”says Chia Suan Chong , Co-author, Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT).

Find the balance between theory and practice

The Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT) program builds critical English skills to develop a deep theoretical understanding. In addition to maintaining a laser focus on the practical approaches to student learning and engagement. The 100-hour qualification consists of three modules. These are spread over ten months and contain 120 short, dynamic lessons. As a participant, you will learn through explanatory videos, webinar tutorials, and recorded podcasts.

In addition, your progress will be measured throughout the course through quizzes, self-reflection, knowledge tests and four formal assignments.

“We need to interact with what we are learning and incorporate our thoughts, emotions and experiences in order to fully process and apply our learning,” said Mike Hogan, co-author of Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT).

“The Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT) program’s videos, podcasts, and activities help teachers do just that. I also like the short lessons, the asynchronous learning structure and the mobile platform that allows teachers to work on the program when and where they want, ”he continues.

The interactive experiences in the course have been carefully crafted to improve teachers’ knowledge and skills in authentic practice – and to engage with what they are really using every day.

One step in your teaching career

Although the Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT) program is rich in fundamental methodology, it is perfect for practicing teachers looking for strategies and exercises that they can immediately implement with all ages and learning levels.

“I think Pearson’s ELTD program is perfect for that need,” says Chia. “It covers practical aspects of teaching and gives teachers the impetus they need to better understand language learning, try out new ideas and approaches with their classes and reflect on what works for them in their teaching situation.”

The Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT) qualification is Pearson’s first teaching qualification accredited by Trinity College London. It is a valuable addition to the Pearson Teacher Education and Learning Academy’s portfolio of ELT-certified online learning programs.

“Trinity is pleased to announce that the Pearson Teacher Education & Leadership Academy has become a validated course provider for the Trinity Certificate for Practing Teachers (Trinity CertPT),” said Ben Beaumont, Head of Teacher Education, Trinity College London. “The course developed by Pearson is the first fully asynchronous course leading to the Trinity CertPT. It offers flexibility across each class by allowing teachers to explore different aspects of teaching English and to try out the practical ideas presented to them at their own pace. We look forward to the great results of this innovative approach. “

Check out our introductory video.

Introduction of the Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT)

Pearson ELTD (Trinity CertPT) open to applications

We look forward to receiving applications for Cohorts 2021, the first of which begins on August 1st. To apply for our Cohorts 2021 or to learn more, go


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