Rupees is always written with its symbol ‘‘. Paise is always written with a ‘p’. For example 10, ₹ 20, 50p, 70p. When the rupee and paisse are written together in numbers, they are separated by a (.). For example, Paise is always written as a 2-digit number 21 and 5 p is written as 05/21/25 paise is written as 0.25.

For example:

Shelly has a 20 rupee note and a 50 paisa coin. Her teacher asked her to write down the amount in words and numbers.

Shelly writes the amount in the figure as 20.50.

The amount in words is written as twenty rupees and fifty paises.

Rules for writing money in words and numbers:

1. The abbreviation for one rupee is Re. and for 1 rupee it’s Re. 1

2. Rupees are written as Rs. For short, while 5 rupees are written as Rs. 5

3. For paisa we write P. It is written after the number of paisa.

For example:

50 paisa is considered 50 p. written

8 paisa is called 8 p. written

4th Suppose we need to write a sum of money that includes both rupees and paisas. To express an amount from rupees and paisas, we use a small point called the decimal point. The number indicating rupees is written before this point and the number indicating paisa is written after the point. We write Rs. In front of the number of digits.

For example:

(i) 10 rupees, 40 paisas are written as Rs. 10.40

(ii) 8 rupees, 25 paisas are written as Rs. 8.25

(iii) 128 rupees, 43 paisas are written as Rs. 128.43

(iv) If the given number of paisas is a single digit, it becomes a two digit number by adding a 0 before the single digit.

7 rupees, 5 paisas are written as Rs. 7.05

12 rupees, 7 paisas are written as Rs. 07/12

5. (i) If the money is in rupees only, it is written as

8 rupees = Rs. 8 or Fr.8.00

15 rupees = Rs. 15 or Fr.15.00

(ii) If the money is only in paisa, it is written as

45 Paisa = Re. 0.45 or 45 p

56 Paisa = Re. 0.56 or 56 p

So, 8 Paisa = Re. 0.08

35 Paisa = Re. 0.35 or 35 p

These are the rules to follow when writing money in words and numbers (rupees and paisas).

Questions and answers on writing money in words and pictures:

I. Write the following in numbers:

(i) Sixty-three rupees and twenty paises

(ii) forty-five rupees and sixty paises

(iii) Thirty-nine rupees and thirty paises

(iv) 78 rupees

(v) Eighty-four rupees and ninety paises

(vi) Fifty paises

(vii) Four rupees and sixty paises


I. (i) Rs. 63.20

(ii) Rs. 45.60

(iii) Case 39.30

(iv) Case 78

(v) Rs. 84.90

(vi) 50p

(vii) Case 4.60

II. Write the following in words:

(i) Rs.15.10

(ii) Rs. 33.75

(iii) Rs. 27.80

(iv) Case 43

(v) 10 p

(vi) Case 26.17


II. (i) Fifteen rupees and ten paises.

(ii) Thirty-three rupees and seventy-five paises.

(iii) twenty seven rupees and eighty paises.

(iv) forty-three rupees

(v) Ten paises

(vi) Twenty-six rupees and seventeen paise.

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