Practice the questions in the rupees and paises worksheet to convert the specified amount of money to paises and the specified amount of money to rupees.

I. Convert the following money into Paise:

(i) Rs 6.90

(ii) Rs 0.80

(iii) Rs 9.75

(iv) Rs 11.60

(v) € 7.40

(vi) Rs 20.06

(vii) Rs 70.70

(viii) Rs 0.65

(ix) Rs 60.00

(x) Rs 100.00

(xi) Rs 52.05

(xii) Rs 34.15

II. Convert Rupee to Paise. One was done for you.

(i) Rs. 34 = 34 × 100 Paise = 3400 Paise = 3400p

(ii) Case 20

(iii) Case 16.56

(iv) Case 13.07

(v) Case 15.72

(vi) Rs. 59.80

(vii) Rs. 9.71

(viii) Case 44

III. Convert the following money to rupees:

(i) 970 Paise

(ii) 800 Paise

(iii) 5 Paise

(iv) 117 Paise

(v) 202 Paise

(vi) 65 Paise

(vii) 500 Paise

(viii) 215 Paise

(ix) 305 Paise

(x) 80 paises

(xi) 20 paises

(xii) 419 Paise

IV. Convert Paise to Rupee and write the amount in words. One was done for you.

(i) 566 p = case 5.66; Five rupees and sixty-six paises

(ii) 6635 p

(iii) 2000 p

(iv) 69 p

(v) 2787 p

(vi) 175 p

(vii) 308 p

(viii) 9034 p

The answers for the rupees and paises worksheet are given below.


I. (i) 690 Paise

(ii) 80 Paise

(iii) 975 Paise

(iv) 1160 Paise

(v) 740 Paise

(vi) 2006 paise

(vii) 7070 Paise

(viii) 65 Paise

(ix) 6000 Paise

(x) 10,000 Paise

(xi) 5205 Paise

(xii) 3415 Paise

II. (ii) 2000 Paise

(iii) 1656 Paise

(iv) 1307 Paise

(v) 1572 Paise

(vi) 5980 Paise

(vii) 971 Paise

(viii) 4400 Paise

III. (i) € 9.70

(ii) Rs 8

(iii) To 0.05

(iv) Re 1.17

(v) Rs 2.02

(vi) To 0.65

(vii) Rs 5

(viii) Rs 2.15

(ix) Rs 3.05

(x) To 0.80

(xi) Re 0.20

(xii) Rs 4.19

IV. (ii) Rs. 66.35; Sixty-six rupees and thirty-five paises

(iii) Rs. 8:00 p.m.; Twenty rupees

(iv) Rs. 0.69; Sixty-nine paises

(v) Rs. 27.87; Twenty-seven rupees and eighty-seven paises

(vi) Rs. 1.75; One rupee and seventy-five paises

(vii) Rs. 3.08; Three rupees and eighty paises

(viii) Rs 90.34; Ninety rupees and thirty-four paises

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