We practice the questions from the worksheet on invoices and invoicing various items. We know that the invoice is a slip of paper on which a shopkeeper records a buyer’s requirements and calculates the total cost of the items purchased.

1. Do the math.

Do the math

2. Sam went to the stationery store. He bought a ballpoint pen for $ 15, a pencil for $ 2, an eraser for $ 5, a scale for $ 5, and a pencil box for $ 18. Do the math for Sam.

Do the cash calculation

3. Mr. John bought on 10/20/94 in Venus Stores, Madras:

(i) 2 lamps cost $ 951.25 each

(ii) 1 bike costs $ 1,800

(iii) 14 liters of gasoline at $ 19.20 per liter.

(iv) 3.5 liters of motor oil at $ 20.80 per liter.

Prepare the invoice for the above purchase. Calculate the total amount Mr. John paid.

4th Sherry bought the following items from Sari Suhag, Railway Road, Aligerh.

2 banarasi sarees priced at $ 1,500.00 per saree.

8 meter shirts priced at $ 30.00 per meter.

1 pair of linens for $ 40.50 per sheet.

8 meter long cloth for $ 20.25 per meter

1 dozen tissues at $ 3.50 per handkerchief.

Calculate the total amount paid by Suhani.

5. On May 8th, 2015 Jack bought the following items from Answer Book Depo, Shamshad market, Aligarh.

4 registers priced at $ 15.50 per register.

3 erasers priced at $ 1.50 per eraser.

10 notebooks priced at $ 5.50 per notebook.

2 cardboard boxes priced at $ 6.00 per box.

(a) Prepare the invoice for the above item.

(b) If Jahangir gave $ 150 to the owner of the Answer Book Depo, how much credit did he get back?

6th Find the error in the invoice below and make the correct amount.

Invoices worksheet

Below are the answers for the invoices worksheet.


1. $ 212.70

2. 45.00

3. $ 4044.10

4th $ 3525.00

5. (a) $ 133.50

(b) $ 16.5

6th The error in the invoice is on page no. 3 $ 30.80 and a total of $ 104.80

Page with the numbers of the 5th grade

5th grade math problems degree

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