Let’s look at some of the word problems related to subtracting money. We solved the problems with both methods, ie with conversion to Paise and without conversion to Paise. To solve a word problem, we need to carefully read each word and carefully choose numbers from the question to solve it.

Elaborated examples for subtracting money:

1. Subtract Rs. 73.08 from Rs. 114.75


Method 1 (with conversion to Paise):

Rs. 73.08 = 7300 Paise + 08 Paise = 7308 Paise

Rs. 114.75 = 11400 Paise + 75 Paise = 11475 Paise

11475 Paise

– 7308 Paise
4167 Paise

Hence difference of Rs. 73.08 from Rs. 114.75 = 4167 Paise = Rs. 41.67

Method 2

(without conversion to Paise):

Rs. P

114. 75

– 73. 08
41. 67

(i) Rs. and Paise are arranged in columns with a decimal point in between.

(ii) The smaller amount is subordinated to the larger amount.

(iii) The subtraction is made as an ordinary subtraction.

(iv) 75 Paise – 08 Paise = 67 Paise

(v) Rs. 114 – Rs. 73 = Rs. 41

Hence difference of Rs. 114.75 – Rs. 73.08 = Rs. 41.67

2. Ron has Rs 100 with him. He spent 79 rupees to buy a water bottle. How much money does he have left?


The total amount of money Ron was Rs 100.00

Amount of money he spent – Rs 79.00

He has money left over € 21.00

3. Mary had 575 rupees in her piggy bank. She took Rs. 320 of it. How much money is there in your piggy bank?


Total amount of money in the piggy bank Rs 575.00

Amount of money withdrawn -Rs 320.00

Remaining balance in the piggy bank € 255.00

4th Rachel invited her friends for a birthday. Her mom ordered a cake for Rs. 655.90p and snacks for Rs. 275.80[ShepaidRs1000totheshopkeeperHowmuchchangedoestheshopkeepergetback?[SiezahlteRs1000andenLadenbesitzerWievielWechselgeldbekommtsievomLadenbesitzerzurück?


Revenge amount as mother paid Rs. 655.90p for a cake and Rs. 278.80p for snacks.

So the total amount she paid to the shopkeeper is Rs. 655.90 p + Rs. 275.80 p = Rs. 931.70 p.

Money word problem

Reveal as a mother paid Rs. 1000 to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper pays her Rs. 1000 – Rs. 931.70 P as a change

3rd grade monetary word problem

Rs. 1000 – Rs. 931.70 = Rs. 68.30.

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