What are the different line types?

All flat shapes are made up of straight or curved lines, or a combination of both.

Straight and curved lines

There are two different types of lines.

1st straight line:

Straight lines are shown below.

Straight lines

2. Curved line:

Curved lines are shown below.

Curved lines

1. Straight lines:

Notice the edge of this page. Place a ruler along its edge. All of its edges are straight. Straight lines can be drawn in different directions and are given three names. There are three different types of straight lines:

(i) Horizontal lines: The lines drawn horizontally are called horizontal lines.

Horizontal lines

(ii) Vertical lines: The lines drawn vertically are called vertical lines.

Vertical lines

(iii) Sloping or sloping lines: The lines drawn at an angle are known as slanted or slanted lines.

Sloping or sloping lines

The explanations of the different types of lines will help children understand the difference between straight and curved lines and how the lines are drawn in different directions in geometry.

Types of lines

2. Curved lines:

It is an object similar to a line, but not straight.

Curved lines

Let’s understand the lines with an activity.

Andrew wanted to understand the straight and curved lines. His teacher told him to capitalize his name and watch each letter carefully.


Andrew was happy that his name includes alphabets made up of different types of lines.

The alphabets A, N, E and W are written with horizontal, vertical and oblique lines.

Alphabets like D and R are written with curved lines.

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