Chemical Research Accounts is a popular place for concise reports on focused topics where the authors are world experts. It is perfect for readers who want to find out more about current research fields in chemistry and related sciences. One of the magazine’s most popular features is its special editions.

The magazine recently published the special issue “Transformative Inorganic Nanocrystals”, which, according to guest editors, “is only the beginning of a comprehensive understanding of these materials”. The topic covers aspects such as anion and cation exchange reactions and how they can be controlled to produce a wide variety of multicomponent nanocrystals. It also examines ultra-small clusters and describes how transformations that take place in metal halide nanocrystals can sometimes be summarized under a cation framework conservation scheme, among other relevant and related topics.

We caught up with Professor Liberato Manna, one of the guest editors, via Zoom to discuss nanocrystals, what makes them transformative, and why you should check out the topic. We also asked him about current projects in his laboratory. Check out the interview below:

Chemical Research Accounts Journal Club

Join us on Tuesday, July 27th at 10:00 PM ET for the Chemical Research Accounts Journal Club. This month we present and discuss the special edition Transformative Inorganic Nanocrystals. The speakers include Professor Manna and the authors Raymond Schaak, Sara Bals and Raffaella Buonsanti. The event will be moderated by Associate Editor Jinwoo Cheon. Join us!


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