Every second counts in language lessons. ⏳

Because who would not like to “repeat after me” less?

Language teachers need to juggle engaging and authentic classroom activities that encourage speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar, and more – all through a new cultural perspective for students. ️

Don’t waste another minute reading endless lists of new vocabulary aloud and ask your students to fill them out as you parrot the words. We hope these new words “sink in” (but we know they don’t).

Less time memorizing words in the classroom = more time for fun + authentic class work. 🎉

Turn your language lessons around and let technicians teach you vocabulary. 🔄 💻

Tech makes it easy to offer interactive vocabulary lessons to your students at home. They can listen, type, and practice pronunciation of words and sentences at their own pace before class.

Behind the scenes algorithms even automatically differentiate each student’s experience. 😲 Reports allow you to track your student’s progress and see if the assigned work has been completed.

Bonus: no more trips to the copier. With audio, students always have access to their vocabulary while practicing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Then comes the really fun part: Targeted use of this vocabulary with real tasks in the classroom.

Goodbye, weather terminology vocabulary list. Hello, weather reporter roleplaying game. 🌦

Join our experienced Portuguese teacher Fabiana Hayden on Wednesday July 21stst at 10:30 am EST to learn how to turn your language class around using a vocabulary approach.


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