The sweat and tears you shed while doing scientific research lead to the coveted paper. But making your discoveries public isn’t necessarily the end of the story if you want as many people as possible to benefit from your research.

Of course, publishing in open access journals such as ACS Au makes sharing easier as there are no barriers for readers to read and use your work. And Fast Format makes the entire prep and submission process easier and faster.

But the technical process and the explanations are not easy to understand for outsiders. How do you explain what you have learned to a wider audience?

A visual summary can help you explain your work to more people. And this summer the ACS Au Open access journal portfolio will make this easier.

If you are interested in any ACS Au published before September 5, 2021, and your work is subsequently accepted through the usual strict ACS peer review process, you can select a FREE infographic or video byte summary of your article so that you can easily explain your research to others.

  • An infographic provides a visual snapshot of the background, methodology, and key findings of your study.
  • A video byte summarizes your research with a one-minute video for a lay audience.

You will also receive a free guide to the best ways to share and promote your work with your choice.

There is open access ACS Au Journal of all aspects of the chemical sciences. Find out which journal is right for you:

ACS AuJournals are completely free to access, so anyone anywhere in the world can read them for free immediately after they are published. This allows researchers and others to apply for their work more quickly.

The journals enable this instant global access by charging an article processing fee (APC) to authors who want or need to make their work freely available. Find out more about this fee and the various ACS agreements and programs with institutions and researchers in low-income countries.

Send to everyone ACS Au Journal before September 5, 2021, and if the journal accepts your work, you can select a FREE infographic or videobyte summary of your article so you can easily explain your research to others.


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