Our Warm up Practice app helps students working for the Pearson English International Certificate (formerly PTE General). Today we’re excited to announce some great new features based on elements of gamification and personalization that make the learning experience more engaging and fun. The updates also allow learners to practice with elements from the new computer-based version of the test, which will be launched this September.

If you work in education, you know that students learn best when they are engaged, challenged, and amused. Gamification is a natural way to add some excitement to your exam prep courses. Gamified learning features include avatars, peer competition, scoring, and badges.

Read more about the features of the Pearson English Warm Up app.

Flexible learning for international certificate candidates

If your students are standing in line, on a train, or killing time on their lunch break, instead of scrolling through social media, they can ask some practice questions instead! The Warm Up app is the ideal learning tool for learners to study outside of the classroom in their free time.

What are the advantages of studying in free moments?

Lots of practice will help build your confidence. They also get to know the different types of tasks that are presented to them in the exam.

How does gamification help?

The new gamified updates are designed to help keep your students on track with their preparations International certificate Exam and get them excited about their curriculum!

Let’s take a look:

1. Personalization of learning

When your student downloads the app, they must first set up their user profile. You can then personalize it with your own avatar. Avatars appeal to the students’ imagination and imagination. They will enjoy creating personas that have the qualities they have or would like to have. You can choose from a selection of cute cartoon animals such as monkeys, pandas and foxes. Or, if you prefer, you can upload your own photo to the app.

Having your own avatar makes it even more fun when you complete the various skill-based tasks in the Pearson English Warm Up app.

2. Track progress

The warm up app measures student progress in a number of ways. As they work on different types of assignments, students can see the percentage of questions they have completed. This means that they can see exactly how much they have studied and feel even more motivated in the process.

In addition, the students receive 1 point for each correct answer. As they earn points, they can compare their progress with other students and motivate them to do their best. You can also collect bonus points for repeating types of tasks. This is an excellent way to test and consolidate exam competence – because practice makes perfect!

3. Reach milestones

Badges are an important part of gamifying online learning – they show achievement and validate a student’s hard work. The ability to earn badges encourages students to keep interacting with a game or app.

Students can now earn badges based on the tasks they have completed in the Warm Up app. The badges act as milestones on the learning journey, helping learners set goals and keeping them motivated with small rewards.

4. Add competition

Another new feature is the ranking list. This adds another competitive element and motivates students to do their best. You can play level by level against other people in your country.

A sense of competition can really inspire students to go the extra mile in completing assignments, which means they are getting the most out of their study time.

Learn more

That Pearson English warming up App is free and available on both sides Appstore and google Load game. It covers all levels, from A1 to C2, and learners have the option to practice with elements from the paper-based or the upcoming computer-based version of the Pearson English International Certificate (formerly PTE General).


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